How to Optimize Your WordPress Blog for Mobile

If you have a WordPress blog that is not optimized for mobile devices, you may be missing some vital traffic, or making it more difficult for your fans to easily view your website from their cell phone. There are numerous reasons someone should consider a mobile optimized blog.

Obtain More Potential Clients

By creating a mobile optimized blog, you will be accessing a larger database for potential customers. When more people have access to your website, the more likely you are to receive a new sale. More and more people are beginning to use their cell phones to access their social networking websites. If someone posts a site for your website on theirs, more people will be able to access the link to your page. There are over 17 million WordPress blogs and most of them are not mobile optimized blogs. Make your blog stand out.


Search engines allow users to obtain the best matches to their keywords. By having a mobile optimized blog in addition to your current website, you will increase your ranking. This means when someone searches for you, your business, your product, and so forth, the results will be one of the top searches returned.

Increased Speed

If someone is attempting to access your website from their mobile phone, it may take a while to load. This may cause some users to become frustrated and leave your website. With mobile optimized blogs, your website will load faster.

Customer Experience

When someone reviews your website on their mobile device, they should be able to easily see all of your content. Users do not want to zoom in and out, or scroll back and forth to see view your entire website. If you are using your blog to sell a product, you will need to have a mobile optimized blog, so that your potential customer can easily see your product in a clear, crisp photo.

How to Get Started

You will want to find a company that is easy to use and offers competitive features and prices. Companies such as will allow you to get started in less than 60 seconds, just by selecting a package and signing up. One theme is an innovative plugin that quickly converts your site into a mobile optimized site. One theme is able to determine when someone has viewing your website from their smartphone device and automatically switches your theme to a site that is a complete optimized mobile site. is becoming increasingly popular among website owners, as they offer free upgrades for life and three packages to select.

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