Choosing an Appropriate Theme for Your Blog

The look and feel of your blog is just as important in gaining and maintaining readership or followers as is the content posted on your blogsite. As such, the theme of your blog should be selected carefully, taking into account the blog’s character, the general interests of your readership demographic, and the overall design styles which are currently popular within your niche. Here are a few hints for choosing an appropriate theme for your blog.

What is a Blog Theme?

In terms of blogsites, the theme is actually the design scheme, including the page layout, color choices, and font styles and text size. The theme also incorporates graphics of a particular style and other design features which all work together to create a cohesive and visually appealing look for your blog.

Additionally, the theme will contribute to the readability and the ease of navigation of your blog. This means choosing an appropriate theme for your blog is not only important in achieving the kind of aesthetic appeal a successful blog needs but also in establishing a blogsite that is dynamic and easy for followers to read and navigate.

Blog Character and Your Demographic

When choosing a theme for your blog, you need to consider the kind of character you wish the blog to present to readers and the general tastes of your target demographic. Certain kinds of blogs, dependent upon the niche they cover, will pander to individuals with particular tastes, lifestyles and interests.

When you choose your theme, you want to ensure that it meets the expectations of your followers. Having a blog that looks like your target demographic expects is important in capturing their attention. A visually pleasing, easy to navigate and simple to use blog theme is crucial to gaining a loyal readership as well.

A well chosen blog theme will help bring people back again and again. A poorly designed and laid out blog with font that’s hard to read, presents unpleasant colors or other non-user friendly features on the other hand will turn off visitors and make it less likely they will return to your blogsite in the future.

Common Themes for Blogs

Blogs which cover a particular niche or that are designed to reach a specific demographic often feature themes that are similar in style and design. This is because the common themes chosen for blogs of the type are successful in achieving the blogger’s goals. The themes lend themselves well to the overall to the intended purpose of the blog. Here are a few of the common blog themes and the reason they work so well for the bloggers who use them.

Magazine and News Themes

News blogs, entertainment bogs and those that function as online magazines are served best by blog themes in which graphics are well supported and page layouts feature a number of columns and well defined text blocks.

Wiki Themes and Other Collaborative Blogsites

If your blog is collaborative in nature, or a large portion of your content is produced by user interaction, then a wiki, team-oriented or some other form of collaborative blog theme is best.


If the main purpose of your blog is promote a portfolio for creative or business pursuits, the appropriate theme for your blog will be one that supports the portfolio through graphics, text and multimedia.

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