The Wordpress Tutorial is here to help you if you are creating a blog for the first time or if you'd like to improve your current blog. These helpful tools will help you maximize the potential of your website and hopefully help you monetize and create a passive income form your blog.

Creating Your Blog

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Choosing an Appropriate Theme for Your Blog


The look and feel of your blog is just as important in gaining and maintaining readership or followers as is the content posted on your blogsite. As such, the theme of your blog should be selected carefully, taking into account the blog’s character, the general interests of your readership demographic, and the overall design styles which are currently popular within your niche.

Creating a WordPress Blog: How to Point Your Domain to Your Hosting & Installing WordPress


First things first, if you have not already, purchase a domain name and point it to your hosting. Once your domain is ready, you have to log into your hosting account and install your WordPress. The way you install WordPress might be different than what I tell you now depending on the hosting provider you choose. I use BlueHost.